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If you’ve been following along with our blog lately, we’ve been talking about sheds: why you need one and the basics for a well-designed and highly-functional shed. Have you installed a shed? And if you haven’t, why haven’t you? Or perhaps you’ve had a shed for years on your Chambersburg property, but really are not a fan of it—it disrupts the flow of your garden or feels like an eyesore among the well-manicured lawn and precisely maintained landscape. Sheds do not have to be primarily a utility element of your yard; it can be an aesthetically pleasing accent that may become your favorite part of your property! Here are some style ideas for your next shed.  

What is a Shed?

First, before we begin delving into all the possible styles, let us make one thing clear: your shed can be anything that you want it to be. There are no rules. Sheds have evolved from grayed, weathered wood shacks that were the perfect hiding place for nasty bugs behind the rows of rusty unused tools. Sheds have become beautiful, stylized, still highly-functional landscaping installations with windows, ornate doors, gingerbread, flower boxes and more. They can be designed in any shape, size, and style.

Style Ideas


Turn your shed into a smaller greenhouse-style structure with glass paneling. Easily protect your plants and pots during the winter with this well-lit and sleek design.


Love old buildings, particularly salvaged farmhouses? Mirror this style with distressed or salvaged wood, vintage window trim, and a cupola!


A shed doesn’t just have to be for storage. It can be a place to relax and get out of the summer sun and into refreshing shade. Install a bench or rocking chairs on the small porch of this inviting shed.


Love the idea of cottages and or simply like their cheerly style? Install a shed in your garden with the same charm: scalloped fascia, clapboard siding, flower-filled window boxes, and windows with lace curtains.

Breeze Through

Instead of an enclosed shed, why not have one with a stone or gravel walkway through? Still have plenty of space for tool storage, but with the charm of a unique shed all your own. Build this shed with paint-peeling planks and celestial inspired cutouts.


Perhaps you enjoy the style of those buildings built many years past early American restored farmhouse buildings. Why not harken back to the Gothic era with stamped-metal roofing, hanging planters and arched windows?


Do you love the look of a cabin back in the woods? Why not style your cabin that way? Build your shed out of logs or pine siding and metal roofing. Pile wood on this shed’s porch and install a comfortable bench on the porch.


Are you someone who is conscious in all that you do regarding your impact on the environment? Go green with a green roof! Plant succulents on the roof that will not only drink up rain water, but also keep your shed cooler than a traditional roof.


Who said your shed had to be one story and rectangular shaped? If you have the space, why not build a two-story studio inspired shed with a roll-up garage door and an extra story for storage or a relaxing getaway?


Your shed can also have steps! Steps can add a look of permanence to your shed and sense of style. Use concrete, repurposed brick, or stone.


If all these extra style elements are a bit overwhelming to you or out of your price range, then maybe consider a simpler style. You can still add windows and doors to it, but use prefab wall panels and simple styled-traditional windows and doors. Add flower boxes or hooks for hanging plants for an extra pop of color.


Ready to Build Your Dream Shed?

We hope that you are inspired to transform your old shed into a unique and pleasing part of your overall landscaping. Regardless, if you are building a stylized shed or you simply need a traditional shed, Bobcatt Solutions can help you prepare to build your shed with our shed foundation installation services. Each shed foundation we build is made to last and truly be a sturdy foundation that will keep your shed stable and in proper condition for years to come. Find out more about our shed foundations on our website!

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