Though we could still see some winter storms, our attention is starting to turn to the prospect of warmer sunnier days. With summer being near, we are thinking about home improvement projects and the yard work needing our attention. With all the yard work that needs to be done, have you considered building a shed? A shed can be a great way to store your lawn mower, yard tools, gardening materials, etc. closer to the place that you will actually need to use them. Storing them in a shed can free up some space in your garage. If you decide to add a shed to your yard or property, these are the basic design elements that you must consider to have a shed that will weather well and be an asset for you in years to come.

Sound Foundation

First, one of the most important design elements for your shed is a good foundation. Part of having a proper shed foundation is to choose the location of your shed wisely. Avoid areas that are or could be susceptible to collecting water or near drainage systems. Also, put it in a place that won’t obstruct your view, won’t be in the way of your outdoor activities.

Once you feel like you’ve found the place that you want your shed, call Bobcatt Solutions LLC! We can help you make sure that your shed is in a safe place and can build a solid shed foundation for you! Bobcatt Solutions can build your shed foundation without disturbing the rest of your yard: We take the extra measures needed to protect your lawn and other landscaping. Also, we have the proper equipment to get the job done right. Contact us for a free shed foundation installation quote and for any other questions about shed foundations you may have!

Air Circulation

The kryptonite of any shed is moisture. You have to make sure that your shed foundation isn’t in a place that will be exposed to extra water and you also want to make sure that moisture does not collect inside your shed as well. Excess moisture that can accumulate in dark spaces with little air circulation can cause rotting, warping, rusting, mold, mildew, and other nasty creatures. To allow for proper air circulation, do not build your shed close to trees or bushes; your shed should have at least 2 to 3 feet of space around it so it will be exposed to sunshine and wind.    

Water-Resistant Floor Frame

Even if you have a sturdy shed foundation and proper air circulation, you can still eventually have a shed with rotting floors. To avoid this, use treated wood that is resistant to moisture. Some plywood can be a building material for this; use plywood that is at least ¾ inch thick so that you will have a solid floor to go on top of your sturdy shed foundation. Using materials that are thinner than ¾ inch thick can make for a floor that will flex and may not stand up to heavily outdoor tools and equipment. Remember that your floor is part of the shed foundation, so make sure you have something solid.

Right Materials

When planning to build your shed, be sure to do your homework as to what materials that will be economical, but also sturdy. You want to have materials, like your shed foundation and floor that are sturdy and low maintenance. One of the reasons to have a shed is for convenience: Why have a shed that you have to continuously upkeep? Low maintenance building materials can be anything from treated wood, vinyl or aluminum siding, faux-slate roof shingles, fiberglass, and other low maintenance materials.

Door Size

Lastly, another important element of your shed is your door. You must allow for a door that is big enough for the uses you need and placed in a convenient location. Consider how wide your door has to be to get your lawnmower or other equipment through and be sure to take into consideration the entire structure of your door including your hinges. Simply making the opening for your door big enough, may not, after construction – framing, hinge installation – be big enough. As you place your shed, think though using your shed and then what design would allow for greatest functionality.

Bobcatt Solutions LLC Shed Foundations

Getting ready to install your shed? Call us for a shed foundation that is sure to withstand the weather in Gettysburg, Chambersburg, Winchester and the surrounding areas. We’d love to help you have a shed foundation that you can trust. Contact us today!