Winter has come to Chambersburg and it is here to stay. Though for many businesses in the area this is the time of year in which they make their most profit, having to deal with all the hassle that snow brings can be frustrating. Not only does it impose time restrictions on yourself as the business manager, but it also generates even more stress. With all this in mind, it is easy to see the need for a reliable snow removal service. But what makes a good commercial snow removal service?   


It’s easy for those who perform such services as snow removal or lawn care to arrive and do their task and leave without bothering you—which can a great quality. However, if there is no communication between you and the snow removal company, there is a problem. A snow removal company should make it a point to communicate exactly the services that they offer and to ask questions that will allow them to understand what you are expecting of them. Having clear expectations in any relationship is must! Also, if for some reason the snow removal company is going to be late or won’t be able to show, a good contractor will notify you immediately; they won’t just fail to show up.


A good snow removal company will be efficient. There is more than one way to plow snow. However, there are efficient ways to plow snow and there are those that are both ineffective and inefficient. This point becomes even more important because, if you are paying your snow removal contractor hourly, you would hope they are performing the job in such a way that gets it done fast and done well. Don’t waste your money on lazy or inefficient—and probably ineffective—snow removal in Chambersburg.  


Also, the company that you delegate for snow removal must be timely. Having a snow removal contractor who gets the job done quickly but isn’t reliable is not okay. The running of your business and the safety of yourself, your employees, and your customers depends on the snow removal company that you hire to arrive and complete their job when they say they will. The snow company that you choose should take into account how much snow and ice there is to clear and no matter what and still complete the job well.




A snow removal company that you should entrust with your business is one that is meticulous. They should remove all snow and ice and should know how to minimize the disruption of the snow. To put it plainly, a good snow removal company will show that they have put some thought and planning into the removal of your snow and have executed that plan as best as in their power.


Though we have already alluded to this, we feel that this point is important enough that it needs to be mentioned on its own. The snow removal company that you entrust with your needs should be reliable. They should arrive every time you need them at the same time. You should never put up with unreliable snow removal services and you don’t have to. As you expect your employees to be on time and show up every time they have a shift, you should expect the same from your snow removal company.

Winter can be stressful enough without an unreliable snow removal company. Why bring extra stress upon yourself? We at Bobcatt Solutions take our job very seriously. We understand that when you call us to remove the snow at your Chambersburg business that you are expecting us to show up on time, with the proper equipment, and get the job done well and timely. When you call us, we see ourselves as business partners with you—and we take that very seriously. To learn more about our snow removal services and our pet-friendly ice melt, visit our website!

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