With the forecast preparing for potentially big snowstorms in Greencastle soon, depending on who you are, you may have a lot that is instantly on your mind. If you are an employee, you may be wondering how the drive to work will be, how early you should plan to leave and if the parking lot at work will be cleared, easy to navigate with enough parking spots available due to the piles of snow. If you are an employer, you may have these questions weighing on your mind, as well as others such as, “How will I get the parking lot and sidewalks cleared for my employees?” or possibly “Will my snow removal crews show up early enough or show up at all?”

With there still being many months of possible snow storms, you should still consider hiring a professional snow removal crew and here’s why.


When you hire a professional commercial snow removal company, your employees will be guaranteed accessibility to the building. You have the reassurance that snow removal crews will get your building clear, and cleared well. If you are a business, hiring snow removal crews will help your sales the next big snow. Yes, you may not see as many sales the day of the snow, depending on the severity of the storm, but the quality of the snow removal will affect your business’ accessibility. Customers who see a cleared, easy to navigate parking lot will be more likely to come into your store or building. Parking lots that aren’t cleared, even for the devoted customers, will pose a deterrent for visiting a business. Be the business that gains customers because you invested in snow removal services and your competition did not.

Employees & Customers

Investing in quality snow removal services will speak volumes to your customers and employees about their value. A company that offers quality snow removal services will communicate to their employees that you care about them and their safety. It will alleviate some of their stress, which will help them focus more of their energies on the work at hand. Your employees are one of your most valuable assets; show them that you care about them. Also, having professional snow removal services will speak loudly to your customers about your business. It shows that you care about them and their safety. Quality, even quality snow removal services, will show that you are a business worth your customers’ time.


How does hiring professional commercial snow removal services help you as a business owner or manager? One of the first aspects to consider is that snow removal professionals will have the experience to deal with any circumstance that may occur. They will have all the proper tools and deicing chemicals that will not only get the job done quickly and effectively, but will stave off possible damage to your property. Also, because snow removal service professionals are experienced and they know how to handle unexpected situations, you will spend less of your time having to deal with situations that a snow removal company would handle without bothering you.


When you hire snow removal crews you will reduce the chances of you being liable for an accident. Also, when you have hire snow removal services, you are guaranteed that your sideways, walkways, and parking lot will be cleared well and for the purpose of keeping your customers, employees, and you safe. Slip and fall accidents and the suits that follow can cripple businesses. In many slip and fall cases, when the party being sued had hired professional snow removers, they company was able to prove that they did all they could to avoid an accident. Avoid the possibility of an accident and suit by hiring snow removal services.

Security of Property

Also, when you hire professional snow removal services, you are almost always guaranteed that your property will be treated properly and will not be damaged by ill-used snow removal equipment and chemicals. Unexperienced snow removers can sometimes cause extensive damage such as cracked and broken pavement. If they use non-sustainable deicers you may see damage to your grounds, as well. Many snow removal companies have done their homework and use sustainable pet-friendly ice melt that will not impact your property or those that may frequent your business or company.

Peace of Mind

With all these advantages to hiring a professional snow removal company, you will also be able to have peace of mind, when the possibility of a severe snow storm is looming in the near future. When you hire a snow removal company, you will know that the snow on your property will be removed in a timely, professional, effective way that will ensure the safety of your customers, employees, and yourself.

If you are looking for a snow removal company that you can trust, call Bobcatt Solutions LLC.! We offer commercial snow removal services for Greencastle and the surrounding areas. We use professional snow removal equipment, as well as pet-friendly ice melt that is incredibly effective and sustainable. Contact us for more information about our snow removal services today!