We all—or at least most of us—love seeing sparkling snow outside our windows. Perhaps you are one of those lucky ones who has a home with a wood burning stove and can enjoy watching snow float down outside while you sit and sip a cup of coffee or peppermint tea. However, the enjoyment and bliss of the snow quickly fades when you have to throw on your coat, head to your store and open for business that day. We all know the snow in Chambersburg like the rest of Pennsylvania is wet, heavy, and can be incredibly difficult to move.

There is a lot of grief that snow can cause including stress, aching and even worst, hurt backs. For this reason, though we are sure it can be tough to shell out money for just one more expense, investing in commercial snow removal will save you much grief. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect from a commercial snow removal company in Chambersburg and Greencastle.

Ice Removal

One of the most serious hazards of snowfall on commercial properties is ice. Ice can not only cause problems for those on foot, but also for those in your parking lot and with the coming of the holiday season and the chaos of Christmas shopping, it is a good idea to make sure as much of your ice is removed. Many commercial snow removal companies use salt or deicer to completely clear their clients property of ice.

Snow Removal

The next part of the snow removal process is well, snow removal itself. Snow can be just as hazardous as ice because it can cause stumbling and may eventually turn to ice once it is packed down. Most snow removal companies will use three methods of snow removal together to completely clear your property of snow:

Snow Plowing

Snow plowing is used to clear parking lots and other large swaths of your commercial property. Having the correct snow plowing equipment and trained personnel to clear your parking lot is crucial. Damage such as broken concrete or asphalt can occur from improper equipment and use of said equipment. When employing a commercial snow removal company to clear your property, check client testimonials and reviews of their work to make sure that they will truly take care of your property.

Snow Shoveling & Blowing

For the parts of your property that can not be reached by the snow plow, most likely the snow removal crew that you hire will use snow blowers and shovels to clear your sidewalks and parts of your landscape that should be uncovered of snow. Usually they will clear all walkways and will give your trees, bushes and other plants room to breath and to be enjoyed by customers all year-round.

Snow Banking & Snow Hauling

Lastly, a snow removal company will most likely pile the plowed snow into large banks in your parking lot or they will haul the snow away from your property entirely. Both methods will clear your property, so that it is easy for your customers to park, walk, and frequent your business. Many times snow removal crews will bank snow in the edges of your parking lot or will haul your snow away to their own snow farms that will allow the snow to melt naturally as the weather heats up.

Together these methods will clear your property of all snow and help get your clients safely into your business.

So, Now What?

Now that you know what commercial snow removal is, what is your next step? Obviously you need to find a commercial snow removal company in Chambersburg who is professional, timely, has the proper insurance, and has good reviews. Dealing with an unreliable snow removal company is almost as bad as not having one at all. Be sure to do your research and remember you never have to settle for shottie work.

Need Commercial Snow Removal in Chambersburg?

Do you need snow removal in Chambersburg? Bobcatt Solutions offers reliable, professional commercial snow removal services for Chambersburg and Greencastle. We pride ourselves on being effective, efficient, and only using pet-friendly ice-melt that won’t endanger the environment. To learn more about Bobcatt Solutions and our commercial snow removal services, visit our website.