Although Pennsylvania winters are stunningly beautiful, they can be long and harsh. It’s one thing to look outside your window and admire the glistening snow from the comfort of the indoors, and it’s entirely different to step outside into the frigid climate. However, the show must go on and you likely have to go to work no matter how cold it may be outside.

Your business needs snow removal services to keep its doors open. If customers can’t access your place of business, they will go elsewhere. Although you could shovel snow yourself, you may not have the equipment you need to keep your parking lot, sidewalks and entryway properly cleared.

When you hire Bobcatt Solutions for commercial snow removal in Chambersburg, you’ll get the highest-quality services available. Although you have a plethora of snow removal companies to choose from, Bobcat Solutions is the best choice. Here’s how we stand apart from the competition:

Advanced Snow Manager Certification

The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) designated our owner as an Advanced Snow Manager. What are the advantages of this certification?

The Best Training

SIMA has created a consistent, reliable training program for operators and operator managers. When operating heavy machinery, it’s imperative to have the best training to ensure the best practices.


You need a snow removal company that understands the importance of safety. The SIMA training program ensures that operators use equipment as safely and efficiently as possible.

Our Ice Melt Products

At Bobcatt Solutions, we don’t want to use just any product to melt ice. That’s why we stand behind Ice B’Gone Magic, which is considered to be the best deicing salt product out there. What makes Ice B’Gone so special?


This product uses less chloride than regular rock salt, which makes it safe for plant life as well as pets. It also means that you are less likely to suffer from chemical burns when handling this product. Working in temperatures as low as -35 degrees Fahrenheit, this deicing salt never clumps or freezes, and it won’t bond to your pavement.

More Effective

It’s not just safety alone that makes Ice B’Gone a great product, but it’s also extremely efficient as well. In fact, Ice B’Gone works faster than traditional ice melt products.

Miniature Bulldozers

Using our miniature bulldozers, no snow removal service is too tough for us to handle. Our state-of-the-art equipment gets the job done way faster than manually shoveling snow. You’ll also save yourself from the back aches associated with shoveling snow.

Quality Service

When you hire Bobcatt Solutions, rest assured that we’ll provide you with reliable, outstanding customer service. No matter what the size of your business, we’re committed to providing prompt, reliable service.

Are you ready to say goodbye to treacherous, slick sidewalks and icy parking lots? Would you like to hang up your snow shovel forever? Contact Bobcatt Solutions for your snow removal services in Chambersburg today. We would love to add you to our growing list of happy customers. Help keep your business thriving by hiring our snow removal company today.