Ice B’ Gone Magic is an effective high-performance ice melting product that is safer for people, plants, pets and the environment. Ice B’ Gone Magic is the first and the original agriculturally-enhanced salt product with 20 years of experience in the industry.

The Ice B’Gone Magic product is a unique and patented pet-friendly ice melt product that contains 50% distiller condensed solubles, which is the waste stream from the distillation process of rum and vodka. This waste stream is a distinctive blend of complex carbohydrates and sugars that are naturally non-corrosive. The other 50% of this mixture is magnesium chloride, which is the least corrosive of the chloride family.

Magnesium chloride and the distillers condensed solubles (DCS) are carefully blended: That’s when the “magic” happens. Through a synergistic reaction created when these substances are combined a dramatic reduction in the freeze point, -45 degrees below zero, is created. The Ice B’Gone Magic liquid can be used as an effective anti-icing liquid applied directly to the pavement surface to eliminate hard pack snow and dangerous black ice  or combined with rock salt to make Ice B’Gone Magic treated salt.

This pet-friendly ice melt’s  treated salt is an extremely efficient de-icing material. The Ice B’Gone Magic treated salt product allows for a drastic reduction in application rate: 30-50 percent less is used with much better results and safer conditions. The IBG Magic treated salt will work to -35 degrees below zero consistently; reduce the corrosion rate by at least 85 percent; reduce the damage to curb line plant material and costly hardscape materials. Due to its natural brown color it is easy to see where it has been applied. Custodial care is improved as this product is 100% bio-degradable and water-soluble.  Additionally, the Ice B’Gone Magic product has proudly received the coveted recognition of the US EPA in accordance with the Design for Environment program (DfE).

The Ice B’Gone Magic product is the first agriculturally enhanced high-performance liquid anti-icing agent and treated salt product in the entire industry. This product carries a U.S Patent and is the innovator of this industry. This product sets the bar for the industry and has continued to maintain this unparalleled level of quality and performance for over 20 years.

Ice B’Gone the  most pet-friendly ice melt on the market is: 

  • Safer For People, Plants , Pets & our Planet – Pet Friendly Ice Melt
  • 85% Less Corrosive than Rock Salt
  • No Messy White Residue –  Reduced Custodial Care
  • Works Great at Temps as low as –35°
  • Virtually Eliminates black Ice & Hard Packed Snow
  • Provides a valuable residual Residue
  • Reduces Damage to Concrete, Foliage, and Equipment
  • REDUCE Application Rates by 30%-50% with Better Results
  • Recognized by the US EPA for the Program Design For Environment (DfE)
  • Available Locally in Bulk Liquid for Stockpile Treating, Direct Liquid Application & Brine Enhancement
  • Available Pre-Treated in 20lb & 50lb Bags

Ice B’Gone Magic is available in liquid, bulk treated salt and in 50lb or 20lb pretreated bagged product.  Contact Bobcatt Solutions LLC. to get yours today and don’t forget to check out our snow removal services!