Have you moved into a new home with a pool and want to get rid of the thing? Or, are you ready to give your backyard an overhaul? Regardless, of your reasons to get rid of your pool, you need to know how to get rid of it and not just get rid of it, but get rid of it well. Essentially, you are filling in a large hole, and if not done correctly, it can leave you with a dangerous sinkhole like situation that is also an eyesore. For this reason, it is important to hire professional pool removal experts in Greencastle.

If you are ready to get rid of your pool, call Bobcatt Solutions! We can offer professional pool removal services that will not only get rid of your pool, but we can fill it in well without damaging your yard. We use pool removal techniques and equipment and all of our contractors are respectful and conscientious about treating your property like our own. To learn more about our pool removal services and to get a free quote, contact us. Keep reading to learn more about pool removal techniques.

Partial Removal

Particle pool removal is one of the most common means of removing your in-ground pool. It involves draining the pool, of course, punching a hole in the bottom to avoid pooling, and breaking the top 18 inches to 36 inches of the pool. After the pool has been broken down, then the hole is filled in with dirt and topsoil, and then compacted. When removing your pool this way, you don’t need the supervision of an engineer. A partial removal is the most affordable and fastest means of removing your pool. However, it can affect the value of your home and can easily have sinkage, swelling, and poor drainage. Also, the area can only be used for installing sheds and other landscaping, not for building additions to homes or other structures.

A partial removal can also be done under the supervision of an engineer, but this is only usually done if the city requires it or if you lack confidence in your contractor.

Full Removal

When you have your pool fully removed, it is drained and all materials are uninstalled, removed from the area, and hauled away. Once every piece is removed then the hole is filled in and dirt and topsoil compacted. Having your pool removed may affect your property value. However, it will affect it very little. Also, possible sinkage and poor seepage are less likely to occur. Unfortunately, this method can be a bit more expensive than a partial pool removal and you still can’t build much more than a shed or landscaping over the area.

A full removal can also be supervised by an engineer. This is the most favorable option because your home’s value is not affected and you are able to build on the area where your pool once was without limitation. This is the most expensive option. However, it might yield the most reward.

Not sure what is best — partial or full removal? Bobcatt Solutions is here for the residents of the Greencastle area and can give you the advice you need and perform the in-ground pool removal you need. Contact us for a free quote!