Many dream about laying by the pool and enjoying this luxury. However, if you aren’t the pool-type, the kids are out of the house, or the maintenance has gotten burdensome, maybe it’s time to retire your in-ground pool and create a backyard oasis for your Greencastle home that you love and can get the most out of. So, what can you do about your outdoor in-ground pool?

Remove It!

You are never stuck with an in-ground pool that you don’t want. You have options, especially when you call Bobcatt Solutions. We have helped many around the Greencastle area and beyond remove their pools and create a backyard that they will love. Because we take extra care and use the proper tools during our pool removal services, we do our very best to not cause damage to the rest of your yard, only destroying what counts — your pool!

Our pool removal experts work efficiently and effectively. We can get the job done quickly so we can be out of your hair as soon as possible and you can get back to life as usual. With summer just around the corner, we understand the urgency to get your yard back up and running so you can enjoy the warmer weather and time outside enjoying the fresh air.

Plant Grass

There is nothing like having a bigger yard, especially when you have little ones or furry babies who need lots of yard to run and play in. Reseeding or laying sod where your in-ground pool used to be, can be a great way to get the most out of your yard.

Build a Shed

Maybe you need a little more storage — a place to keep your lawn mower, leaf blower, snowblower, gardening tools, and maybe even your favorite yard games. If you want a shed, we at Bobcatt Solutions can help you with that! We offer shed foundation services, so your shed has a firm foundation to rest on.

A Playhouse

Maybe your child loves to play house or to protect their fort from invaders. Getting rid of your pool and building a playhouse or fort could be one of the most memorable things that you do for them and provide them hours of play.


Do you love eating with your loved one’s outside on a warm summer evening, but have nowhere to do it? Retiring the good ol’ pool might be the key to giving you that outdoor dining area that you’ve always wanted. Install a stone or concrete patio and buy an outdoor table and chairs or couch set. You could even consider a fire feature that will keep your family and friends warm and comfortable on those cool evenings.


Having more yard space can allow you so many more landscaping design options: plant another tree, or create a flower bed or veggie garden. You could even install a water feature!

Really, your options are endless when you remove your pool. We at Bobcatt Solutions offer high-quality in-ground pool removal so you can have the backyard oasis in Greencastle that you want. Visit our website to learn more!