Hello and welcome back to the Bobcat Solutions blog! Lately, on the blog we have been talking all about pool removal, the process, and benefits. However, it’s time to switch gears and start thinking about winter and commercial snow removal — which sounds very pleasant as we sweat during this Pennsylvania heat.

Commercial Snow Removal In Greencastle

It is never too early to start thinking about your commercial snow removal needs, making sure that you are ready when the first snowflakes of winter fall. Having your sidewalks and parking lot clear of ice and wintery white is not only a nice thing to do for your employees and customers, but it is legally in your best interest. An accidental fall and subsequent injury can put your company under fire legally quickly. Don’t put yourself at risk! Call Bobcatt Solutions a reliable Greencastle-area commercial snow removal company and make sure that you’re all set for winter.

10 Greatest Cold Hearted Killers of All Time

A blizzard may sound like a treat when dealing with summer’s heat, however, a blizzard of catastrophic proportions isn’t something to mess around with. Today, we are going to talk about some of the most deadly winter storms of all time.

The Great Blizzard of 1888

We are incredibly thankful for HVAC systems that effortlessly make our homes warm. It is hard to imagine heating a poorly insulated home with a limited supply of split wood. That is what those in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York had to deal with during the Great Blizzard of 1888. As a result of the blizzard, 400 people died and 200 ships sank due to ferocious winds. Homes, trains, and all other modes of transportation were buried causing life to come to a complete freezing standstill.

The Great Blizzard of 1899

Nearly 100 years later, another storm hit the Eastern Seaboard from Georgia to Maine. During this blizzard, temperatures hit record-breaking lows and covered the area with snowfall measuring at 20-34 inches. Life came to a standstill, as people huddled around the fire and watched their world become buried in inch after inch of freezing white.

The Storm of the Century

To be called “The Storm of the Century,” you would assume rightly that this storm was of catastrophic proportions. The Storm of the Century in March 1993, that hit the entire country from Cuba to Canada, was both a blizzard and cyclone. Due to its severity, the National Weather Service declared a State of Emergency even before the storm began. Over 310 people died during the storm and $6.6 billion in damages occured.  

The White Hurricane

Called a hurricane due to its hurricane-strong wind, this storm was one of the deadliest to hit the Great Lakes area. Waves on the lake measured at 35 feet high with winds of 60 mph. The November 1913 storm took the lives of 250 people.

The Children’s Blizzard

On January 12, 1888, temperatures dropped to nearly 40 degrees below zero in the Dakota Territory and Nebraska. This storm’s tragic name comes from the young lives that the storm claimed. Because it was a relatively warm day before the storm stuck, most were caught unprepared, and so when the children were sent home by their teachers, many perished before they arrived home. More than 235 lives were claimed that day.

The Great Appalachian Storm

The Great Appalachian Storm hit North Carolina and Ohio in November 1950 and enveloped the area in heavy rain, wind, and blizzard conditions. This storm claimed 353 lives and became a case study for tracking and predicting weather patterns.

The Knickerbocker Storm

The Knickerbocker Storm which lasted from January 27-28,1922 earned its name from the Knickerbocker Theater which collapsed due to the blizzard conditions. The accident took 98 lives and injured 133. Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania were hit hard with this storm’s catastrophic blizzard conditions.

The Armistice Day Blizzard

On November 11, 1940, weather conditions were just right to cause a raging blizzard that built 20 foot drifts. This storm claimed 145 deaths due mainly to forecasters underestimating the severity of the storm.

The Super Bowl Blizzard

Of all the storms thus mentioned, The Super Bowl Blizzard is probably the most unusual storm. Because of a low-pressure system, the storm began in the Southwest United States and moved into the Midwest causing tornadoes and other stormy conditions that killed 100,000 farm animals. As the storm continued across the Midwest, 45 tornadoes occured with winter blizzard conditions. Over 60 people were killed and 377 were injured.


Snowmageddon is a storm that most will probably remember as it happened in February 2010. The storm covered 68 percent of the country with above average snowfall and Washington’s Dulles International Airport received 32.4 inches of snow, a national record. President Barack Obama coined the name “Snowmagedon” while speaking at the Democratic National Committee which gathered while the storm was raging outside.  

Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold!

Thankfully, modern technology and other advancements have allowed us to better predict snow storms of catastrophic proportions and provide better shelter than what was available over 100 years ago. Whether the next big, record-breaking blizzard hits this winter or not, you can rest assured that Bobcatt Solutions has your back. We have bulldozers and other heavy commercial-grade equipment that can handle whatever nature might throw at us this upcoming winter season. Visit our website to learn more about our dependable, high-quality commercial snow removal services that we offer Greencastle-area businesses.