Welcome back to the Bobcatt Solutions blog! With our last blog post, we started looking forward to winter. We know it’s still July, so it’s still a long time before we have to worry about snow gracing our lawns, but it’s never too early to make sure you are prepared! Because, as we alluded to in our last blog post, winter storms can be quite destructive, even deadly, especially if you are caught off guard.

If you are a business owner in Greencastle or Chambersburg, don’t let yourself be caught unprepared! Hire a commercial snow removal company now! Not having your sidewalks and parking lot property cleared and de-iced can not only destroy your property, but can cause big liability problems if someone happens to fall and get hurt. To learn more about what a commercial snow removal company can and should offer you, visit the Bobcatt Solutions website!

Has Anyone Died by Icicle?

We hate to get too morbid on our blog, but when considering liability issues and getting your property cleared and decided, it isn’t too far of a reach to think about how dangerous snow, ice, and icicles can be.

Icicle-Related Fatalities

Though it would be impossible to get an accurate count as to how many people are negatively affected by icicles, there are people in the U.S. that are hurt and even killed by an icicles. In Russia, it can get even worse with nearly 74 people affected by icicles in 2001. If you think about it, icicles are like knives, but with the force of gravity behind them.

It isn’t just icicles that we have to worry about when the winter winds come. Ice of any kind can be deadly. Slipping and falling can cause anyone to sprain or break something, or even worse hit their head and sustain a traumatic injury. Ice on ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water can be deceptively stable and lead to someone falling through into freezing waters. Avalanches, hypothermia, and other risks, remind us of how thankful we can be to have our warm, safe homes to come home to every day.

What Do We Do?

It is unnerving to think of something so beautiful, being the cause of something so terrible. Through songs, stories, and through being able to see it from our cozy homes, winter has, in some senses, become tamed in our minds. However, we can grow complacent and forget how dangerous it can be. To avoid an unfortunate event, here is what you can do:

Fix Drainage System

Most buildings have drainage systems that are meant to carry excess water from the roof of the building. In many cases, icicles are the result of clogged or poorly designed drainage systems. Check yours before winter and be sure to have it cleaned thoroughly, especially once the trees in your area have shed their leaves. During special circumstances, there can too much water for your system which can lead to icicles. However, your drainage should be able to handle the water accumulation of a normal storm.

Be On the Lookout

If you see icicles, admire them from afar and be on the lookout. Icicles tend to fall when they start to melt, due to wind, or other disruptions. Clearing away icicles can also be dangerous as they can loosen an entire ice damn. Be careful when walking near icicles and if you decide to clear the ice by yourself.

Hire a Commercial Snow Removal Company

If you want to make sure that your property remains safe this winter, contact a commercial snow removal company! With the help of the professionals you can make sure that your property stays clear and is cleared in the right way. Using shoddy equipment and harmful chemicals can damage your property, putting unnecessary wear and tear on your business’s valuable assets.

When looking for a snow removal company in Chambersburg and Greencastle, look no further. Bobcatt Solutions’ contractors are reliable professionals who will have your back all winter long. Visit our website and call us today!