Welcome back to the Bobcat Solutions blog! If you have been reading our recent blogs and have experienced a major snow storm in the Greencastle or Chambersburg area, you will know that finding the right commercial snow removal company is an absolute must. There are a lot of people that can pick up a shovel and move snow from one place to the other, but there is so much more to snow removal than that. Keep reading to learn what you should look for in the commercial snow removal company you hire this winter.

Safety & Liability

First, you need a commercial snow removal company that takes your safety as well as the safety of their employees, and everyone that frequents your property, seriously. Snow and ice can create a variety of dangerous situations that could result in serious injury. A commercial snow removal company must hold themselves to a standard that always guarantees the quality of their work.


The quality a company’s work will inherently affect the safety of the area as well as how well your property fairs during the winter months. Deicer can kill your shrubs and trees and an errant truck shovel can crack your curbs and break other aspects of your parking lots. When you hire a snow removal company, you should be able to expect a certain level of attention to detail and care. Though you ultimately won’t be able to know their level of quality until they clear your property, by observing their professionalism you can get a good idea. Their customer service, and attention to detail in other aspects of their business may also be other good indicators of the quality of their work.  


It will be difficult to know how well a company will do the job until you’ve signed the contract and you’ve seen their work firsthand. However, you can do some research that will help you decide which company to take a chance on and ultimately hire for the season. Ask other local businesses who they use as a snow removal company, read reviews, and see if they are part of the Better Business Bureau.


Choose a contractor that communicates with you clearly. They should be up front about the services they offer and outline what they can offer you and your specific property. As you assess their communication skills, ask about their system of communication: ask them how can you get in contact with them if there is a problem.  


You should also hire someone who has the expertise to get the job done right. Anyone can offer to remove the snow from your property — anyone can buy a shovel. However, do they have a professional plan of execution? Also, how many years have they been in the business? Getting an idea about what makes their services better than anyone else’s can help you decipher what their priorities are.


The estimate that they provide will play a part in your decision making process. Be sure to take the snow contractor through the entirety of your property so they can give you the most accurate estimate. If there are possible problem areas, be sure to go over these with the contractor and see what their solution to the problem is. They should confidently be able to address the issue and if not, get back to you with a viable plan.

Attention to the Environment

The commercial snow removal company that you should consider, should also show a commitment to the well-being of the environment. Unfortunately, we must still use salts and deicers to get rid of snow and ice, and to keep those areas clear. However, there are environmentally friendly options that are just as effective as others that have been used in the past. When considering which contractor to hire, ask them about their commitment to the environment.

Need a Commercial Snow Removal Contractor?

Do you need high-quality, reliable, commercial snow removal in the Greencastle and Chambersburg area? Bobcatt Solutions offers unbeatable snow removal services. We provide plowing, shoveling, pet-friendly salt application, and more. To learn more about how we can keep your sidewalks clear this winter, contact us! We would love to meet with you and give you an estimate.