Bobcatt Solutions LLC is happy to serve Gettysburg, PA with our quality services! When you work with us, you will be working with a multi-generational family business that has over ten years experience in residential excavation and shed foundation preparation. You be working with contractors who make our clients the priority, working with professionalism and personability. Here are the services we offer to our Gettysburg, PA clients:

Shed Foundations

For any structure, you must have a stable and adequate foundation. Bobcatt Solutions LLC wants you to have a shed foundation that will remain stable not only protecting your shed, but also the ground under it. We offer also offer fence removal and installation; we use flotation tires to protect your grass from getting damaged. We can also remove old sheds to make room for your new shed and more!

Shed Consultation

Before you begin your shed foundation and construction, call Bobcatt Solutions LLC first! We offer shed consultation so that you can have a shed that will last. We can advise you on leveling the ground for your shed foundation, installing ramps, protecting your lawn, and water drainage systems for your shed. We are in the business of doing quality work and giving our clients the best on each project.

General Excavation

Bobcatt Solutions LLC offers general residential excavation. Do you dream of having a pond in your garden, or a backyard pool? We have over ten years of experience behind us, enabling us to give you the best quality work. We would love to help you make your yard and your property everything you want it to be.

Snow Removal

Most of us love looking at the snow from the comfort of our home, but rarely do we enjoy the job of shoveling and removing snow from our property. Bobcatt Solutions LLC is here for you! We offer reliable snow removal services for your Gettysburg residence. There is no amount of snow that is too little or large for our snow removal services.

Ice B’Gone Magic

Are you looking for pet-safe ice melt? We are the area retailer for Ice B’Gone ice melt, the most environmentally and pet-friendly ice melt. Ice B’Gone is treated with less chloride, significantly reducing the damage of traditional rock salt and other ice melt applications. Because of its effectiveness, you will use less with each application. Call us today!

Swing Set Preparation

Are you preparing to install that playset that your kids have always been dreaming of? Call Bobcatt Solutions LLC! We can help you prepare the area for your swing set so that you will have a stable foundation, a safe play area, and proper drainage.

In-Ground Pool Removal

Are you tired of your pool? We can help you with pool removal and post-pool removal landscaping excavation. Check out pictures of our work here!

Dirt Brokerage

Are you in need of fill dirt for your home construction or remodel of your yard? We can deliver fill dirt to your property on time and without a mess. We also can remove excess dirt from your residence, as well. Call us for your fill dirt delivery or removal today!

Have questions about our services or want to schedule a consultation, contact us! Also, be sure to check out our blog for monthly tips about landscaping, shed construction, and more!

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