Have you moved into a house with an inground pool that is an absolute eyesore? Or are you tired of all the space that your pool takes up? It might be time to remove it! Professional pool removal is a great way to get rid of your pool and effectively use that space for something else. Bobcatt Solutions offers pool removal services to the residents in Greencastle that are ready for a change. On our blog, we explain the pool removal process, offer tips for landscaping afterward, and more. Read our latest pool removal blogs here and be sure to visit our website to learn more about us and request an estimate.

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  1. Ready to Get Rid of Your Pool?

    Have you moved into a new home with a pool and want to get rid of the thing? Or, are you ready to give your backyard an overhaul? Regardless, of your reasons to get rid of your pool, you need to know how to get rid of it and not just get rid of it, but get rid of it well. Essentially, you are fillin…Read More

  2. What Can I Do About My Outdoor Pool?

    Many dream about laying by the pool and enjoying this luxury. However, if you aren’t the pool-type, the kids are out of the house, or the maintenance has gotten burdensome, maybe it’s time to retire your in-ground pool and create a backyard oasis for your Greencastle home that you love and can g…Read More