The Best De-icing Salt On The Market

Do you feel defeated by our long East Coast winters that bring harsh, cold, and bitter winters? If you feel like the snow and icy weather gets the best of you year after year, it is time to try something different this season.

With our innovative Ice B’Gone Magic, a pet-friendly ice melt, we help you to gain traction on your pavement, protecting your driveway with ease. While many snow removal companies use sand and rock salt to prevent ice build up, our unique Ice B’Gone Magic applications reduce the need for additional traction agents, working at temperatures as low as -35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not only is our salt effective but it is safer!

While you may think regular rock salt and sand is relatively safe, our treated salt uses far less chloride, making it safer for vegetation and the most pet-friendly ice melt on the market. Reducing the dust that accumulates when using traditional rock salt, our treated salt applications are better for your health and will never clump or freeze, saving you from damage, chemical burn, and extra costs that many other ice melts create. And, when applied correctly, you will have no white messy residue, because our salt is brown, making it easy to see and even easier to use.

Ice B’Gone Magic not only lasts longer but it is more effective too!

Because it works faster than any other product on the market, you can use less for far better results, and never worry about it bonding to your pavement. What is better than a product that allows you to do less maintenance work, spend less money, and experience a safer winter for yourself, your family, and your furry friends? Protect your home and make winter more enjoyable all around. Order your Ice B’Gone Magic today!

Stockpile Treating

Stockpile Treating

  • Will Work To –35 Degrees
  • Reduces Corrosive Nature By 85 Percent
  • Reduce Application Rates By 30-50 Percent
  • Build Valuable Residual
  • Reduce Bounce & Scatter
  • Reduce Black Ice & Hard Pack
  • Reduces Damage to Pavement, Plant Material & the Planet
  • Pet-friendly Ice Melt

Stockpile Treating

Brine Enhancement

  • Added at 20 Percent… Brine Will Work To —20 Degrees Below Zero
  • Will Reduce Corrosion Associated With Brine Use
  • Will Keep The Brine On The Road Where It Is Applied
  • Reduces Application Rates of Standard Brine

Stockpile Treating

Direct Pavement Application

  • Applied Directly Will Work To –45 Degrees Below Zero
  • Application Rates As Low As 22 Gallons Per Lane Mile
  • Naturally Non-Corrosive!
  • First Liquid Recognized By The US EPA / DfE Program

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