Professional Shed Site Preparation

When it comes to laying a shed foundation, you want to make sure that you trust the excavation. It is critical that a shed foundation is built correctly to ensure that your shed will not collapse or sink, destroying the ground beneath it. With a professional team like ours, you do not have to worry about a thing. Bobcatt Solutions LLC ensures that your shed foundation will not only be completed in a timely manner, but with a level of precision that cannot be beat.

There is much more that goes into laying a shed foundation than one may think. Our goal is to not only leave you with a shed foundation that exceeds your expectations, but one that will last through even the toughest elements that the Pennsylvania winters bring.

Prior to any construction, our team will properly analyze the ground on which we are laying your shed foundation and ensure that all details are taken into consideration. Whether you are looking for ramps, stone borders, or even a retaining wall, we believe in developing an effective plan and delivering exceptional results.

Serving across Winchester VA, Gettysburg PA, Chambersburg PA, Frederick MD & Hagerstown MD

Enjoy These Benefits!

  • Clean shed walls
  • Easy ramp installation
  • Beautiful grade transitions
  • Solid shed foundation
  • Our advanced all-wheel steer loader with flotation turf tires to protect your lawn
  • We call “Dig Safe” to protect your utilities

Service Options

  • Stone ramp
  • Stone bordered with dirt
  • Cement footers
  • Retainer wall
  • Old shed removal
  • Electrical conduit installation in a ditch for power source to new shed

Storage Shed Foundations

Foundations Made Easy

  • Wide range of shed foundation installations – steep grades, narrow spaces, newly seeded yards, soft ground, and urgent installations
  • Video of all wheel steer machine
  • Flotation tires to protect grass from getting damaged
  • Fence removal and reinstallation
  • Sheds with retaining block walls and steps
  • Install electrical lines to new sheds
  • 5-year written warranty
  • We move sheds onto your property and even remove old sheds
Old Shed Removal

Lay your shed foundation with an excavation contractor that you can trust. When you work with Bobcatt Solutions, installing your shed foundation doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Our goal is to provide you with a fast, affordable, and easy solution, leaving you with a solid shed foundation that will last. From removing your fence to calling “Safe Dig” to protect your utility lines, and even using flotation tires to protect your grass, you can trust that when you work with Bobcatt Solutions, you are working with the best. We will make sure yours is installed with perfection, meeting your needs, tastes, and budget. With a wide range of shed foundation options and a five-year guarantee, you can trust that we put your needs first to provide you with the best. For your shed foundation consultation get in touch with us today!